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A New Paradigm

of Cardiovascular Care

Our mission is to overhaul the current system of cardiovascular care and improve the lives of patients by tackling the high cost of care while increasing patient success.

Cardiovascular care is the #1 cost to our health system.

The current fee for service model incentivizes providers to maximize volume and throughput at the expense of clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

$450 billion

Cardiovascular care expenditure in 2022

$1 Trillion

Cardiovascular care expenditure by 2035 if we don't make a change 

Karoo deploys a value-based approach which combines a blend of traditional, guideline-based medicine and state of the art digital tools.

Karoo Complete Hybrid Care Model

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Proprietary digital platform at the center of patient care, communication, and monitoring.

•   Desktop interface

•   Mobile app

•   Telemedicine

•   Wearables

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A better patient journey

A more complete, supported and streamlined care experience at every step

Typical Patient Journey

Initial 3-5 minute consultation after 6+ weeks of waiting

Two months later patient experiences unexpected symptoms and has follow up visit

Three days later patient experiences acute symptom and reports to ER

Hospitalization, possible lengthy stay and large expense

Karoo Patient Journey

Initial consultation consisting of 30 minutes with cardiologist where tailored care plan is developed and patient is introduced to Karoo@Home and their Karoo Care Team

In the case of an acute symptom, Karoo Care Team and Karoo@Home are called into action, symptom is triaged and ER possibly avoided

Patient's Karoo Care Plan is put into action with support from their Karoo Care Team and Karoo@Home

Patient continues on with their life

Our value proposition is threefold:

Improved cardiac outcomes


Higher patient satisfaction


Lower cost of care


Our Partners

Karoo provides its Care Model to five groups of partners.

Cardiology Practices

Primary Care Practices

Health Plans

Health Systems

Self-insured Employers

For cardiology practices...

...we power your transition to value-based care.

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